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Executive Outcomes, Inc. (EOU)
CH8r Executive Outcomes.jpg
Executive Outcomes Logo
Company Profile
Year Founded: 2148
Company Head: James Alnon
Products Offered: Personnel Training
Raw Materials
Technological Products

Executive Outcomes (Estharian Stock Market: EOU) is a company that was founded by James Alnon in April of 2148. The company is primarily a private military contractor specializing in things such as special operations, infantry training, counter-intelligence programs, reconnaissance, and more. However, the company also supplies raw materials as well as certain other products to electronics and technology manufacturers throughout Esthar. Currently, the company is working on globalizing this aspect of their service.


Ranking Structure

Customer Service Representative

CH8r EO Customer Service Representative.jpg

All employees of Executive Outcomes start out as customer service representatives. Here, they begin to familiarize themselves with both the company and the products manufactured therein, as well as the people in their division.

Division Engineer

CH8r EO Division Engineer.jpg

Once an employee has achieved a certain level of competence in their duties, they are promoted to division engineer. Here, they begin their true work with their division of choice.

Assistant Division Head

CH8r EO Assistant Division Head.jpg

Assistant division heads report directly to the division head in charge, acting also as a sort of secretary. They keep track of files, figures, reports, and other documents for the division heads, as well as backups of all those listed. They are also responsible for supervision of the heads of each team.

Division Head

CH8r EO Division Head.jpg

Division heads maintain reports on the status of their division and employees' productivity, reporting directly to the company CEO. They also collaborate with the assistant chief executive to produce reports about the company's financial and productivity status to the CEO.

Assistant Chief Executive

CH8r EO Assistant CEO.jpg

The assistant chief executive is much like the assistant division head, keeping track of important documents and financial records for the company CEO, as well as attending meetings in the absence of the CEO. They are required to be at every board meeting, and are often called upon for special presentations to the company board of trustees.

Chief Executive Officer

CH8r EO Chief Executive Officer.jpg

The chief executive officer is the owner and operator of the company, maintaining control of the company's finances and business records, as well as frequent checks of the status of employees and division productivity alike. They are responsible for meeting with the board of trustees to keep investors up-to-date on the company's progress, and are directly responsible for any actions that the company undertakes.

Production Divisions

Executive Outcomes manufactures primarily military goods and services, being a private military contractor company at the core. However, the company has recently begun to branch off into consumer goods, mainly electronics.

Military R&D

The military research and development division develops all manner of military technology for Esthar and the major military powers around the globe. An example is the BR-22 Battle Rifle used by the Estharian Presidential Guard, which was co-developed by Executive Outcomes alongside the Galbadian weapons company Videlic Arms. Contracts with this division are prefaced with the designation "M-RD."

Military Training

Most of Executive Outcomes' income stems from this department. Here, contracts are formed to help train troops for whoever pays for the service, with the exception of contracts that may threaten the security of Esthar. Contracts with this division are prefaced with the designation "MT."

Civilian R&D

A fairly new branch, the civilian research and development division, or C-RD division, aids in the development of new economic breakthroughs for civilian life. New forms of power, medical technology, and more are developed in this branch. Contracts with this division are prefaced with the designation "C-RD."

Consumer Electronics

Another fairly new branch, the Consumer Electronics division deals with everyday things such as televisions, personal computers, and communications devices. Contracts with this branch are prefaced with the designation "CE."


Currently, Executive Outcomes has a lasting contract with the following client(s):

  • Estharian Government, to aid in the training of troops and development of military technology.


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