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The Estharian Presidential Guard is a special operations team and presidential security division located in the city of Esthar.


The Estharian Presidential Guard was initially conceived as an elite special forces team on par with operatives from the Garden organization and special forces groups from the other major military powers, such as Galbadia. Initially, the special forces role of the group was more pronounced, with the Guard given tasks such as high-risk infiltration and extraction, information retrieval, and sabotage missions. Over time, the primary duty of the organization shifted to a more security-centered focus, with the protection of the Estharian president and aides given priority over external missions.


The Guard consists of four squads at any given time, with the amount of members varying depending on the amount of Guard members at a particular level of skill. The squads are on constant rotation, with three of the squads on active duty at any one time and the fourth on call as backup in case of emergencies or other situations. The current squad designations are Abel Squad, Baker Squad, Charlie Squad, and Fox Squad, with Abel Squad holding priority over all other squads. The Commander of Abel Squad may hold command over all other squads and Commanders if necessary. There is also a Division Commander, who reports directly to the President and holds command over all members of the Presidential Guard. The current Division Commander is Hikari Tanaka.

Abel Squad

Abel Squad is the primary squad for the Estharian Presidential Guard, and is made up of the most accomplished and experienced officers within the whole of the Estharian military. Abel Squad officers hold seniority over equal ranked members of another squad if the situation calls for it.

The current members of Abel Squad are as follows:

  • Commander Hikari Tanaka
  • Lieutenant Commander Avery Butler
  • Chief Intelligence Officer Eve Hanley
  • Lieutenant Mark Astens
  • Lieutenant Amy Doran
  • Lieutenant Daniel Mason
  • Lieutenant Jason Miller
  • Lieutenant Jonathan McConnell



CH8r Presidential Guard Enlisted.jpg

Enlisted members are new inductees into the Presidential Guard. These members are entered into basic Guard training, including advanced drills, counter-terrorist training, bomb defusal, sniping, and other advanced military skills.


CH8r Presidential Guard Ensign.jpg

Ensigns are fairly new inductees into the Presidential Guard, promoted after successful completion of basic Guard training. Often, they are responsible for the more mundane duties of the Guard, such as weapon and vehicle maintenance.

Lieutenant Junior Grade

CH8r Presidential Guard Lieutenant Junior Grade.jpg

Lieutenant Junior Grades are the lowest rank to see action in the Guard, usually assigned to the backup squad at the time. Sometimes, they are assigned to the current active squads, but it is generally preferred that they receive more training and experience before seeing action in a primary squad.


CH8r Presidential Guard Lieutenant.jpg

Lieutenants make up the bulk of the Guard forces, and is also the lowest rank allowed into Abel Squad. Lieutenants have seen field action in the military or Guard previously, and are chosen for not just combat skills, but technical expertise.

Lieutenant Commander

CH8r Presidential Guard Lieutenant Commander.jpg

Lieutenant Commanders serve as the second-in-commands for the squads of the Guard. They are experienced officers in the Estharian military, and are chosen for their expertise in strategy and organization. It is noted that the Chief Intelligence Officer rank, such as the rank of Eve Hanley of Abel Squad, is equivalent to Lieutenant Commander.


CH8r Presidential Guard Commander.jpg

Commanders are the leaders of the squads of the Guard, and are officers that have primarily held command positions with the Estharian military. Often, these officers are veterans of combat, but some officers such as Hikari Tanaka, the current Commander of Abel Squad, are chosen because of their background in other operations.


CH8r Presidential Guard Captain.jpg

Captains are rare in the Presidential Guard, with most officers of this rank otherwise in service in the general military. One Captain is on duty at all times in the Presidential Guard in case of emergency situations.

Division Commander

CH8r Presidential Guard Division Commander.jpg

Division Commander is the highest rank in the Presidential Guard, given to soldiers of exceptional skill and expertise. Division Commanders are often squad leaders that were promoted after acts of extraordinary ability, such as Daniel Margulis.


The Estharian Presidential Guard uses only top-of-the-line equipment developed by the Estharian military division, as well as equipment developed by the Estharian company Executive Outcomes and the Galbadian-based company Videlic Arms. Listed below are the current models of equipment employed by the Guard.

BR-55 Battle Rifle

The BR-55 Battle Rifle, designed and produced by Esthar, is a powerful semi-automatic/full-automatic assault rifle designed for maximum efficiency at low to mid-range. The rifle comes standard with a 36-round magazine holding 5.56 caliber ammunition as well as a 2x optical zoom scope and adjustable stock. It has three modes of fire: single shot, three-shot burst, and full-automatic, and can be fitted with several optional attachments, including an under-slung M203 grenade launcher, 72-round extended magazine, and 4x optical zoom ACOG-type scope.

M6C Magnum

The M6C Magnum handgun, designed and produced by the Galbadian company Videlic Arms, is a powerful handgun that is the official sidearm of the Presidential Guard. Designed for .45 caliber ammunition, the handgun comes standard with a 10-round magazine and laser sight, and can be fitted with a side-mounted magnetic flashlight as well as a 20-round extended magazine.

NILSC Prt. Stealth Camouflage Armor

Full name Nanite-Infused Limited Stealth Camouflage Prototype, the NILSC Prt. is a special armor first developed by Vector Industries. There is only one set of this armor in existence currently, owned by Hikari Tanaka of Abel Squad. The suit consists of a layer of nanobot-infused Adamantine mesh between two thin layers of a flexible and soft polyvinyl chloride covering. As proven from testing, capable of withstanding 5 .308-caliber rifle rounds fired from a distance of 200 feet in an area with a diameter of less than 1.25 inches without rupturing, as well as two direct strikes from a standard issue military-class shotgun from a distance of 25 feet. The suit is also shielded against magic, capable of withstanding high-level magic such as Firaga and Blizzaga from near point-blank range with only partial loss of primary suit functions and integrity, and is even rated to defend against higher-level magic such as Flare without complete suit failure.

Capabilities of the suit include limited optical camouflage of the user, involving the nanites shifting the suit’s color and appearance to match the surroundings with a degree of 94.3% accuracy, limited self-repair capabilities to small punctures and tearing, and reduced susceptibility to thermal imaging detection.

Onyx Mark II Battle Armor

A revision of the Mark I Battle Armor developed by Esthar for the Presidential Guard, the Onyx Mark II is a set of full-body, sturdy Adamantine plating and Orihalcon-mesh battle armor. Built to resist conventional weaponry, the Mark II improves upon the defensive properties of the Mark I, being fairly lightweight and extremely resistant to small arms fire such as 9mm handgun rounds. Assault rifles are even moderately ineffective against this armor, with the plating able to withstand several direct strikes from 5.56-caliber ammunition within a 2-inch in diameter area before puncturing. The Orihalcon mesh underlay provides a level of cushioning and additional protection for the armor, as do foam pads at points underneath the armor.


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