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Shigeru Isei Matsura
Fifth Division Vice-Captain
CH8r Shigeru Matsura.jpg
Shigeru in his casual attire.
Character Profile
DOB: March 29, 1308
Age: 844
Race: Malakh
Gender: Male
Profession: Samurai
Additional Information
Birth Realm: Eighth Realm
Rank(s): 150px
Vice-Captain, 5th Division
Order of Grim Angels

Shigeru Matsura is the current Vice-Captain of the Order of Grim Angels' 5th Division in the Clouded Horizons series.

Personnel Information



Shigeru's personality is greatly at odds with that of his Captain, Saori Oshima. Shigeru is a boisterous fighter, always acting loud and proclaiming his desire for a good challenge. While he is liked by most of the division and the Order in general, some find his constant boasting irritating, especially the Captain of Third Division, Malice Ructor.

Combat Information

Shigeru loves combat, and looks for nothing more than a chance to test his strength and improve himself. He relies strongly on physical combat and Destructive Arts, leaving little to defense, and utilizes his Diviner's Shikai as a means to both improve his own position in combat and test his opponents, seeing their ability to mitigate or overwhelm its effects as an indication of their power and skill.

  • Expert Swordsmanship Specialist:
  • Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant:
  • Enhanced Strength:
  • Enhanced Agility:
  • Great Spiritual Energy:
  • Skilled Magic User:

Combat Attributes


Racial Traits


Ability Information


Personal Abilities

Shigeru possesses a number of specialized abilities owing to his former status as a Malakh. Among these are Shunpo, or "flash steps," a rapid-movement ability used predominantly by Malakh, as well as special spells, Binding Arts and Destructive Arts, which can be used with or without an incantation. Using them with the incantation takes longer, but increases the power or effectiveness of the spell.


Shigeru, like all those within the Order of Grim Angels, possesses a Diviner created from a fragment of his soul. It takes the form of a large, two-handed katana with a diamond-shaped silver guard and dark blue hilt. His Diviner is called Gin'iro Gakudan (Silver Orchestra), and Shigeru is capable of manifesting his Diviner in a Shikai form.

  • Shikai: Gin'iro Gakudan gains a series of four silver bells on each point of the diamond-shaped guard, and a short ribbon at the end of the pommel with a fifth, larger bell at the end. It is activated by the command "echo" (natte).
Shikai Special Ability: The bells on Shigeru's blade, when struck against an object, begin to ring softly and create a magical disorienting effect upon his enemies, affecting their coordination, balance, and sight. Releasing reiatsu can ward against or nullify the effect, and those who cannot hear the bells are not affected. The effect gradually fades when Shigeru reseals his blade, or when the opponent is out of range of the sound.
  • Bankai: Not achieved.



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