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A Malakh is an Ethereal being in the Clouded Horizons series, one of the two races which inhabit the Ethereal Plane.


Malakh have existed on the Ethereal Plane since the plane's creation by Erasmus, and were for many centuries the more predominant race on the plane. They shared the plane with Erudites, most of whom viewed Malakh as an inferior race because of their lesser power and greater numbers. Eventually, all this changed when a Malakh by the name of Kaji Hiyama petitioned the Creator, Freya, for a chance to have the Malakh prove themselves worthy to serve in the prestigious Gilead Order. His idea was accepted, instating what became the Order of Grim Angels as a subsection of the peacekeeping force.

However, many years later, war would grip the plane due to unfortunate events, a terrible time that led to the eventual death of nearly all Malakh within the plane at the hands of a spell developed to turn them into Daiesthai, Animus Occatio (Soul Harrowing). Only a few Malakh still remain alive today, a testament to the recent period of bitter strife in the Ethereal Plane.

Racial Traits


Malakh, before their near-extinction during the last Ethereal war, practiced a number of unique abilities that were developed by their race.

  • Shunpo: Shunpo, or "Flash Steps," is a type of rapid-movement ability used by Malakh, specifically those who were members of the Order of Grim Angels. It involves using the spiritual energy around the practitioner to propel them at an extremely rapid pace, becoming nearly invisible to the eye briefly before appearing at their destination.
  • Kidou: Kidou is a type of magic invented by the Malakh of the Order of Grim Angels soon after their induction into the ranks of the Gilead Order. It is separated into two styles - Bakudo, or "Binding Arts," and Hadou, or "Destructive Arts."
  • Diviners: Many Malakh, while training as part of the Order, learned how to call upon a weapon formed from a fragment of their very soul, using it to further their power by great amounts. These weapons were termed Diviners, and were almost always a reflection of some part of the user's personality.


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