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Mai Kuroki
Solemn Phantom
CH8r Mai Kuroki.jpg
Mai in her normal attire.
Character Profile
DOB: December 17, 1389
Age: 763
Race: Erudite
Gender: Female
Profession: Valkyrie
Theme: Frozen Heart (Biting Cold)
Artist: Sir NutS, Usa
Planeswalker Information
Championed By: Freya Vanadis
Year Endorsed: 2034
Additional Information
Birth Realm: Eighth Realm

Mai Kuroki is a Planeswalker of the Ethereal Plane, a minor character in the Clouded Horizons series.

Personnel Information


Mai was born in the Ethereal Plane in the mortal plane's calendar year of 1389. Living in the Upper Court from an early age, Mai showed great promise during her early education, a fact that only some of her early tutors took great notice of due to the overwhelming and growing feelings of unrest in the Ethereal Plane as a whole. By the time she was old enough to really participate in the plane's inner workings, war had erupted as a result of the tension as well as events within the Gilead Order. Mai joined the Ethereal Magi soon after, and began training to try and protect her home plane, but saw little fighting during the war itself. However, the memories of things heard and seen during the centuries changed her, and she came out of the events a more solemn individual, unsure of her place within the plane and with many thoughts concerning what she had seen. The exile of Arragious Nicholai only further influenced her thoughts and doubts on many things, but she remained loyal to the plane and to Freya, confident that there had been no other way to settle the matter.

Mai would become intensely interested in Gaian history and affairs as a result of the events within the Ethereal Plane, studying leaders, generals, and influential figures from centuries past as well as present for centuries to come. She learned about politics, wartime command, and every subject in-between in her attempt to find answers to the questions that were welling up inside of her, but every possible answer brought with it a myriad number of additional possibilities that left her just as conflicted as before. Frustrated, she gave up in her pursuit of answers around the same time that she departed for the Outer Realm to study candidates for Planeswalkers. While in Outer Realm, she encountered a number of mortals who intrigued her, but it would be a young girl by the name of Maria Hiraki that she would wind up recruiting for the Ethereal Plane. For a while, she attempted to teach the girl about the ways of the plane, but soon left that task to others such as Odin and Xeios as she continued to perform tasks for Freya. At present, she has fallen back into her studies once again, spurred by the events of the relatively recent Sorceress War on Gaia and the events that resolved in Esthar and Galbadia as a result.


"Choice is the concept that defines who we are, our very existence. Eliminating that concept is an unforgivable atrocity."
―Mai to Maria Hiraki

Mai's personality is one of solemn contemplation and self-control, always thinking about the best possible outcome and how to achieve it. She is very cautious in her actions, but extremely devoted once she has decided upon a course of action and means to see it through. In that, she is a kindred spirit with other Ethereal Planeswalkers such as Liam Bayloh.


Mai has not appeared in the Clouded Horizons series at the present time.

Combat Information

  • Master Polearm Specialist:
  • Expert Heavy Blade Specialist:
  • Exceptional Strength:
  • Exceptional Agility:
  • Great Spiritual Energy:
  • Expert Magic User:

Combat Attributes


  • Erudite (Planeswalker) (220)
  • Valkyrie (100)
  • Secondary Classes
Paladin (75), Mesmer (75), Flik Reaper (75), Warrior (50), White Mage (50)
  • Tertiary Classes

Elemental Preferences

  • Holy


Racial Traits


Ability Information


Overdrives / Limit Breaks


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