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This page contains information about the Eighth Realm's mortal plane, otherwise known as Gaia, in the Clouded Horizons series. It is the primary setting for the third story in the series, Dimensional Legend.

Gaia contains many regions all over the world that are important centers of power, including Balamb, Galbadia, Trabia, and Esthar. Notable locations in the world include Balamb Garden, Esthar Garden, Trabia Garden, Executive Outcomes, Videlic Arms, and Vector Industries.




This island country is one of the smallest of the primary powers in the world, made up of mostly port towns and farming villages. Primarily accessed by ship, the country is also connected to the Galbadian continent by means of an underwater train tunnel. Balamb Garden was built here in 2139, and is still located in this country. The country itself has no leader, instead giving each town its own mayor or leader and leaving the management of the town to these officials. Zell Dincht is a notable native of the port town of the same name.

Dollet Dukedom

A coastal nation with only a few towns and its capital, east of the Galbadian Republic. Formerly a part of the Galbadian Republic, this now separate country is home to the artisans and the philosophers. A wealthy nation, it has a heavy presence on the seas with its focus on maritime and inland trading. This trade has made not only the government very wealthy, but has also allowed that same government to regulate a system to allow the private sector to also become wealthy in these lines of business.

The country's military, while not as strong as other countries, is a highly trained force, with leaders in command who have themselves have years of experience. Its might comes from its Highland Wolf Navy which has an impressive amount of ships which can easily defend the country from her enemies on the great seas.

In recent times, the country has negotiated a long standing alliance with the Garden Network, which has proven useful for both sides.

The Dukedom is currently officiated by Duke Edwin Haroldington.

Notable Dukedom characters included Rubedo Alaberti, Liam Bayloh, Mayanica D'Angelo, and Melisse Doctus.

The Galbadia Republic

The second largest country in the world, next to Esthar, the Republic of Galbadia is a dictatorship that was, up until mid-2152, led by Vinzer Deling Jr. following the death of his father at the hands of Sorceress Edea. Vinzer Deling Jr. and the rest of his remaining family were assassinated by Jarok Nox, passing leadership of the Galbadian country over to General Hibrom Caraway.

Galbadia City

A town known as the Shining Night, Galbadia City is a town operating in a manner most peculiar - most of the town's business operates primarily at night, closing up during the day. Rinoa Heartilly is from Galbadia City, as is Uriko Kurabasa.


Once indirectly lorded over by the country of Galbadia, Timber, much like Dollet, has now gained independence from Galbadian rule. Much of the efforts for independence came from several resistance factions working within the city, the Forest Owls being chief among them.

The Trabian Aristocracy

The country of Trabia is quite large, roughly the same size as that of Galbadia and making up nearly half of the western continent. Trabia has a ruling body made up of members of noble families living in the region, giving it the official title of the Trabian Democratic Aristocracy.

Shumi Village

A small, nondescript village home to the strange race of peaceful beings known as the Shumi, the area and a large portion of the surrounding land is considered protected territory by the Trabian Aristocracy.

The Federated Commonwealth of Esthar

The largest and most technological country in the world, Esthar remained hidden from the world for years after the sealing of Sorceress Adel. The country itself is governed by a President, currently Laguna Loire, who has their palace in the city of the same name. Esthar is well-known in the world for their large technological advancements in many fields, including computers, medicine, and mechanics. James Alnon, head of Executive Outcomes, is an Estharian native.


A small farming village on the eastern side of the Esthar continent, Arias is known for its trade in both raw metal and crafted goods. Tetsuya Kurabasa, Yuki Kurabasa, and Andréa Beoulve are all natives of Arias.


A coastal city tucked away in the nearby mountain ranges, the city is well-known for its seafood exports to the nearby city of Esthar, as well as the sale of precious ores, minerals, and gems from the mountains that border the town. Naoki Ishida and Sumiko Remiere are both natives of Areyn.


The capital city of the Commonwealth, it offers the highest in technology, healthcare and easy of living to its citizens. It is by far the largest country in the world, making up a large portion of the total landmass of the Commonwealth. It is well known for its exports, those being mainly technology.

Fisherman's Horizon

While not part of the Estharian continent proper, the city of Fisherman's Horizon does fall under the jurisdiction of the nation of Esthar. The Horizon Bridge, connecting the Galbadian and Estharian continents together, was created by the same people who later settled Fisherman's Horizon, creating the city as a sort of station directly in the middle of the bridge. Pacifists by nature, the city survives by trading with both neighboring nations, as well as the nearby country of Balamb.


The country of Centra was once the most powerful world nation, but was shattered by a Lunar Cry that devastated the entire continent nearly a century ago. It is unknown as to exactly what the Centran civilization was like, but it has been proven that their technology was at least on par with, and possibly surpassing, that of present-day Esthar.

Power Restrictions

When Ethereal or Nether beings visit the mortal planes, their power is curbed in proportion to their magical presence. For instance, while Vayash Moru and Quincy are unaffected, Malakhs and Daiesthai are functionally reduced to 40% of their power, and Erudites to 25%; Ancients must essentially become Hume to enter the plane. This restriction is to prevent undue magical influence upon Hume, but even restricted, Ethereal/Nether beings are significantly more powerful than the average mortal, and even fully junctioned SeeD would be hard pressed in combat.


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