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Yami no Tenshi
CH8r Manes.jpg
Manes, the Daiesthai sealed within Benji Powell.
Character Profile
Age: Unknown
Race: Daiesthai
Gender: Male
Profession: Balancer
Theme: Albedo
Artist: Yasunori Mitsuda, London Philharmonic
Orchestra & Metro Voices
Additional Information
Birth Realm: Eighth Realm

Manes is a Daiesthai from the Nether Plane, a minor antagonist in the Clouded Horizons series.

Personnel Information


Manes' past is more or less a mystery to most, as the demon is either unwilling or uncaring to speak of his past. It is known, however, that he spent a significant length of time in a place known as the Void, located in the Ethereal Plane, following an attack on a Grim Angel vice-captain that he participated in during an attempted theft from the Palace of Creation. He was sentenced to imprisonment within the alternate plane, where he remained for an unknown length of time.

Manes' first appearance in the series was shortly after Fayt's defeat, as Destine paid him a visit within the Void's dimension. She offered him a plan to escape if he agreed to become her supporter for her rise to power, which he did. However, when her plans fell through due to the interference of Will, Liam Bayloh, and Benji Powell, among others, so too did Manes' plans for freedom. Destine released the Daiesthai, but only in order to seal him within the mind of Ben - the one who had defeated her - when he attempted to seek removal of the remnants of Will's power. Ever since then, he has resided within the mind of the SeeD, constantly tormenting the male within his own mind and searching for a means of escape.

Recently, however, he seems to have formed a grudging alliance, or at least a pact of non-aggression, with his host. Could this be a sign of respect, or merely another ploy by the demon to seek escape...?


Manes' personality varies wildly between a cold and calculating, almost aloof persona, to excessively violent and deranged, even sadistic at times. He delights in nothing more than the physical and mental torture of his victims, and can be prone to torment as has been shown in the past. He appears to be highly intelligent, also, evidenced by his skill in crafting magical artifacts and his combat techniques. Excessive caution must be taken when dealing with Manes at all times.


Manes' first appearance within Clouded Horizons came after Fayt's defeat, when Destine traveled to the Void looking to sway supporters to her cause. Offering the Daiesthai freedom in exchange for his loyalty, Manes agreed, secretly only doing so to further his own ambitions. For a time, he traveled with Destine as she enacted plans within the mortal plane, acquiring artifacts from Esthar and more energy in order to complete her desires. Upon acquiring a Philosopher's Stone from the Presidential Palace of Esthar, Manes was sent to the Deep Sea Research Facility west of the ruined Centra continent to begin crafting an artifact for Destine capable of crossing between dimensions without detection by Planeswalkers or other entities capable of using dimensional gates. He completed his task, but was confronted by the Planeswalker Rubedo Alaberti shortly after before he could leave. Drawn into combat with the Nether Planeswalker, he gained the upper hand quickly, but was forced back on the defensive once Rubedo had ascertained his battle strategies and tactics. Just before he released his Resurreccion, however, he was called away by Destine, much to his displeasure.

Soon after, he was encountered again outside of Esthar, this time by Angel and Ben, and engaged in combat with them as well. Both Planeswalkers met with a sound defeat at the hands of the Daiesthai, to which Destine compounded by taunting both Planeswalkers - Angel most of all with his past as Angelus, the Scourge of Dollet. Manes would not be seen again until after Destine's defeat, when the former Pillar of Destiny seemingly double-crossed him by sealing him within the mind of Ben as retaliation for her defeat. In actuality, she had helped him - in her own words, she had "given him the body of a Planeswalker" to use for his own devices, provided he was strong enough to take over.

Manes would become a recurring presence in the series from then on out, constantly attempting to erode Ben's mental state and take control of his body for his own ends. He would not be seen again in physical form until Ben, Celes Chére, and Yuki Kurabasa went to the Nether Plane to discern Aizen Sosuke's plans for attacking the Ethereal Plane, when Ben called on him for help navigating the unfamiliar surroundings.

Combat Information

Manes' battle philosophy is much like Ben's old manner of combat - hit the enemy hard and fast so that they have no time or energy to mount a counterattack. With his Oni Magic abilities and powerful demonic skills at his disposal, this is rarely an issue.

Combat Attributes


  • Daiesthai (300)
  • Balancer (150)
  • Secondary Classes
Mesmer (50), Dark Knight (150), Warrior (50), Black Mage (50)
  • Tertiary Classes

Elemental Preferences

  • Dark
  • Fire
  • Lightning


Racial Traits


Ability Information




Manes, as a part of Ben, has access to all of the skills that Ben himself possesses, with the exception of his Planeswalker abilities and Diviner's Shikai form. As an Arrancar, he has the ability to release powerful beams of energy known as Cero blasts, as well as the rapid movement skill known as Sonido.


Manes also possesses a Diviner named Freza Amarga (Bitter Spawn) into which the greater part of his power is sealed. It takes the form of a standard katana with a rectangular guard sporting sickle-shaped designs and a dark-yellow hilt.

  • Resurrección: Manes' Resurrección is initiated with the command "consume" (kuitsukushite). When he releases, chitin-like plates of armor cover his form from the neck and shoulders down, along with sharply curved spikes that extend from his wrists and past his hands, giving him the vague appearance of a mantis.
Resurrección Special Ability: In his Resurrección form, Manes gains the ability to summon mantis-like creatures to aid him in combat, limited by his available power and mental control. Using these summons, he can redirect his spells through any one of them to strike from different angles.

Overdrives / Limit Breaks


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