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Magic in the Eighth Realm of the Clouded Horizons series takes many different forms and disciplines, from offensive elemental magic to defensive healing magic. So far, there are a total of eight known disciplines, but more potentially exist that have simply not been discovered yet.

Basics of Magic

Magic in the Eighth Realm is fueled by Mana, the magical energy that flows through each and every being in the realm. Some beings, such as Humes, have comparatively little, while Erudite and Ancient-level beings possess vast stores of Mana naturally. This energy is channeled by the user and then focused into the spell of their choosing when they cast, discharging the Mana in a form consistent with the spell and the user's desire. For example, Mana channeled into a Fire-element spell could take the form of a bolt, orb, or cloud of fire, while a Water-element spell could be formed into a slow stream or a large wave of water. The more practice one has with controlling their Mana, the more impressive and tightly-controlled the effects become; those who are extremely proficient with using their Mana rarely waste any at all when using spells, and can create intricate effects with ease, even learning to combine multiple spells for varied and powerful effect.

All magic is classified in several ways; every magical spell is innately classified with the Spell superclass, but also fall into one of the following subcategories:

  • Alchemy
  • Binding Ritual
  • Enchantment
  • Glyph
  • Hex
  • Phantasm
  • Symbol
  • Ward
  • Weapon Spell

In addition, each spell has one or more of the following elements attached to it:

  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Lightning
  • Water
  • Wind
  • Earth
  • Holy
  • Dark

These elements have fundamental balances between them, with each element being strong to some elements and weak to others.


Black Magic

Main Article: Black Magic

Black Magic is a discipline of magic that is offensively-focused, including spells from most of the eight major elements. It is used primarily to inflict damage in a variety of ways, such as the use of fire, ice, or lightning.

White Magic

Main Article: White Magic

White Magic is a discipline of magic that is defensively and support-focused, with most spells falling under the Holy element. It is used almost exclusively for healing, though the powerful Holy spell is also within this discipline.

Green Magic

Main Article: Green Magic

Green Magic is a discipline of magic that is support-focused, with the spells within possessing a variety of elements. These spells are used to bolster allies and debilitate enemies, impairing the casting of magic or bestowing greater defense against physical strikes.

Time Magic

Main Article: Time Magic

Time Magic is a discipline of magic that is support-focused, consisting of spells that manipulate the body to perform at reduced or accelerated rates. Certain spells of this discipline can invoke other effects, such as shifting targets into alternate planes.


Main Article: Alchemy

Alchemy is a discipline of magic that originates from the Trabian region, specifically in the city of Esthar. It works through the creation of magical glyphs which channel energy for the user, allowing them to perform a number of tasks by using Mana, materials, or both as fuel for the desired effect.

Blue Magic

Main Article: Blue Magic

Blue Magic is a discipline of magic that is truly unique among the eight known styles of magic. In this discipline, Mana is used for spells primarily practiced by fiends and monsters, allowing individuals to learn to utilize the abilities of the myriad fiends that inhabit the world.


Main Article: Ninjutsu

Ninjutsu is a discipline of magic that originates from the Trabian region, specifically in the village of Areyn. It utilizes specific hand gestures known as "seals" that focus a user's Mana, allowing them to create the desired effect.


Main Article: Symbology

Symbology is a discipline of magic that originates from the Trabian region. It, like Alchemy, utilizes special glyphs in order to create effects, but differs in that only Mana or, in rare cases, the user's life force, may be used for the effects.


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