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Naoki Misao Ishida
Wolf of Areyn
CH8r Naoki Ishida.jpg
Naoki in his family's traditional attire.
Character Profile
DOB: July 20, 2134
Age: 18
Race: Hume
Gender: Male
Profession: Symbologist
Theme: Riku
Artist: Yoko Shimomura
Garden Profile
Garden Attended: Trabia Garden
SeeD ID Number: 52402
Highest Rank: CH8r Combat Ensign.jpg
Combat Division
Merit Awards: Promotion to Ensign, Combat
Additional Information
Birth Realm: Eighth Realm

Naoki Ishida is a SeeD officer at Trabia Garden, a minor character in the Clouded Horizons series.

Personnel Information


Naoki was born in the small town of Areyn, on the other side of the mountains near the city Esthar. Naoki's family was what could be considered an upper-class family in the town, much like the family of his childhood friend, Sumiko Remiere. The Ishida family and the Remiere family shared close bonds for many years during Naoki's early childhood, until a tragedy occurred in December 2145. Sumiko's uncle was killed during a hunting excursion into the mountains, the cause of death unknown. Sumiko's parents blamed Naoki's uncle for the death, who was the only other person to accompany Sumiko's uncle, and a feud between the two families began. For the most part, Naoki and Sumiko simply ignored the feud, determined not to let something that they felt was a complete accident, tragic though it was, get in the way of their friendship.

Years later, when both friends reached their teens, they left the village together to explore the continent. They explored for about a year, before returning to the village and spending the better part of three years with their families. The blood feud that had began years earlier was still going on when they returned, and Naoki soon decided that he was tired of it. Venturing up into the mountains, he explored the location that his uncle had claimed was the site of the accident, and he found the reason behind everything - a Ruby Dragon and its child had made the area its territory. While in the mountains, the two men had stumbled across the dragon, and elected to simply flee and leave the beast alone. The mountain path that the dragons had chosen, however, was unstable ground along a nest of caverns, and Sumiko's uncle had fallen victim to the volatile area when a patch of ground had collapsed beneath him. With this new information and proof in hand, Naoki single-handedly settled the tensions between the two families.

In March 2151, Naoki and Sumiko left the village once again to continue where they left off in their exploration. Along the way, they ran into a young girl named Uriko Kurabasa, who was headed to Esthar. She instead decided to join the two friends in their exploration, and has stayed with them up to the present time.


Naoki has a more relaxed personality than either of his two traveling companions, and shares Sumiko's love for nature and the world around them. He is also honest and firm in his actions and mannerisms, preferring to let his actions speak for themselves. In battle, Naoki shares part of this philosophy, being far more aggressive and using his Symbology and Ninjutsu skills to keep his opponents off guard.


Combat Information

Naoki's skills rely on quick casting of his Symbology magic, combined with disorienting Ninjutsu magic to keep his opponents guessing at where the next attack will strike from. He is also an excellent tactician, and knows how to best use his abilities and those of his comrades to the fullest.

  • Skilled Swordsmanship Specialist: Naoki, while preferring to fight with ranged weapons and his Symbology and Ninjutsu abilities, is still a skilled blade user, capable of holding his own in melee against opponents of even a higher skill level for decent periods of time.
  • Expert Marksman: While not versed in firearms, Naoki is skilled in the use of many forms of ranged weaponry, such as bows, kunai, shuriken, and senbon needles. His aim is incredibly accurate, even while using multiple weapons, and he is well-versed in specific debilitating points on both human and monster bodies.
  • Enhanced Strength: As a SeeD, Naoki's training and junctions give him a level of strength above and beyond normal people and military members.
  • Enhanced Agility: Naoki's strict training regimen in his home village, combined with his SeeD training, give him a great level of agility, mobility, and misdirection capabilities.
  • Average Spiritual Energy: Naoki's strength gives him a somewhat high level of spiritual energy for a mortal; however, he is unskilled at the finer points of manipulation of this energy, such as reiatsu creation or exertion.
  • Expert Magic User: Naoki is an excellent magic user, utilizing both the more uncommon Symbological magic and a variety of Ninjutsu techniques passed down through his family. He is highly skilled in offensive magic of a variety of elements and decently skilled in defensive and curative techniques, but prefers Fire and Lightning-elemental skills for their destructive potential.

Combat Attributes


  • Hume (135)
  • Symbologist (100)
  • Secondary Classes
Ninja (100), Ranger (50)
  • Tertiary Classes

Elemental Preferences

  • Fire
  • Lightning


Racial Traits


Ability Information


Personal Abilities

Naoki, as a member of the Ishida clan of Areyn, has trained for years in a variety of ninjutsu techniques honed by the members of the village. His focus lies in direct attacks to compliment the skills of his friend Sumiko, and he tends to favor Fire and Lightning-element ninjutsu, but knows skills of Water, Wind, and Earth-element as well. He also possesses the Ishida bloodline ability known as the Sharingan, which gives him the ability to copy and learn most techniques that he sees with the ocular ability activated, provided he has the necessary energy to utilize the ability.

Overdrives / Limit Breaks


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