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Areyn is a small town located on the midwestern part of the Esthar region.



Located northeast of the city of Esthar and bordered by two sets of mountains: the Nortes Mountains to the southwest, and the Vienne Mountains to the northwest, Areyn is a town that was founded several decades after the founding of Esthar's capital city. The town's location as a coastal city, as well as the nearby mountains, provide the small town with a sense of stability and safety, also influencing the economy of the town. Primarily, the town has two chief exports to the nearby city of Esthar, those being fish and other seafood, as well as fine ores, gems, and minerals from the two nearby mountain ranges. Furs are also abundant as a resource in the town, due to the large amount of wolves living in the mountains.

Prominent Families


The Ishida clan is a clan that specializes in the use of fire-type techniques, such as Gokakyuu in combat. Within the town, they are held in high regard because of their strict training and exceptional skill. Most members of the Ishida family also develop a special bloodline ability known as Sharingan, which manifests as a series of curved tomoe that appear around the pupil whenever the ability is activated.


File:CH8r Sharingan.jpg
A fully-developed Sharingan, featuring three tomoe encircling the pupil.

The Sharingan is a natural ability possessed by most members of the Ishida clan. While the skill occurs naturally in most family members, not everyone learns to utilize the Sharingan. The Sharingan itself has several special abilities, including the ability to copy any technique the user sees; the ability to track the actions of opponents, no matter how fast; and enhanced visual acuity and clarity. The Sharingan itself has four different levels of power, judging by the amount of curved dots, or tomoe, surrounding the pupil in each eye. A newly-developed Sharingan has one tomoe, moderately developed contains two, and fully-developed contains three. Sharingan users can have a different number of tomoe in each eye, as well, such as one eye with two tomoe and one with three. There is also a fourth, more powerful level to the Sharingan, called the Mangekyo Sharingan. This level of Sharingan is different, transforming the user's pupils into the shape of three-pointed shuriken, and allowing access to two secret techniques inaccessible by any other method.

The Sharingan's most well-known attribute is the skill to copy any technique that the user sees, provided they have the physical and/or mental skill required to perform the attack. There are some limits to this skill, however; the user must have the materials to perform an attack, for example, as well as the inability to copy things such as Guardian Force summons, Overdrive techniques, and Limit Breaks.

The Sharingan also grants an astounding amount of visual clarity to the user. Sharingan users can track fast-moving objects with ease in most cases; objects moving extremely fast can cause difficulty for a lesser-developed level of Sharingan, and skills such as Shunpo can cause even a fully-developed Sharingan difficulty. The Sharingan allows the user to track objects at high speed regardless of whether the user can react fast enough to deal with the threat. Sharingan users can also see details with enhanced clarity, allowing them to pick up on small clues that may be missed by most people.

Mangekyou Sharingan

The Mangekyou Sharingan is a hidden level of the Sharingan that is extremely difficult to achieve. Full mastery of the Sharingan does not guarantee that a user will achieve this level; only two members of the Ishida family have ever reached this level of development. The Mangekyou Sharingan allows the user to perform three special techniques that are unavailable to any other level: Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, and Susanoo.

Amaterasu is a Fire-element technique that lets the user create a dark black stream of fire capable of burning through any known material in existence. The flame is said in legend to burn for seven days and seven nights, as hotly as the surface of the sun; despite the technique's destructive potential, the legends remain merely that.

Tsukuyomi is a technique that lets the user transport their target to an illusionary world. There, the user can make the target see whatever they wish, with days in the illusion world passing as mere seconds in the real world. The skill is effective at leaving targets in a state of mental breakdown.

Susanoo is a spiritual technique that focuses the user's energy into a powerful spirit used for defense and offense. At lower levels of skill, the spirit's 'skeleton' is incomplete, but at higher levels can be a full humanoid spirit wielding a weapon of its own that can be used for attack or defense.


The Remiere clan, like the Ishida family, are also a family of high standing within Areyn, but they are honored for being exceptional craftsmen and artisans alongside their formidable battle prowess. Female members of the Remiere family are, by tradition, the only members who may comprise the clan council and conduct meetings to direct clan affairs. Notably, they are the only family in Areyn for which this fact is true; all other clan councils consist of both genders equally.


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