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Celestia Angelina Chére
The Runic Knight Incarnate
CH9r Celes Chére.jpg
Celes at Castle DeValle
Character Profile
DOB: August 18
Age: Unknown
Race: Hume
Gender: Female
Profession: Runic Knight
Theme: Celces (Dance) OC ReMix
Artist: FFmusicDJ
Garden Profile
Garden Attended: Trabia Garden
SeeD ID Number: 28623
Highest Rank: CH8r Combat Colonel.jpg
Combat Division
Merit Awards: Promotion to Ensign, Combat Division
Promotion to Lieutenant, Combat
Promotion to Captain, Combat
Promotion to Major, Combat Division
Promotion to Colonel, Combat
Additional Information
Birth Realm: Sixth Realm
Rank(s): CH9r Alexandria Major.jpg
Major, Alexandrian
Royal Knights

Celes Chére is a Runic Knight, a Planeswalker from the Sixth Realm, a character in the Clouded Horizons series.

Personnel Information


The Weave of Fate

"A product of genetic engineering, the battle hardened Magitek Knight with a spirit as white as snow... "

Celes Chere was born in 2128 in the Vector Province, in the capital city of the Empire. Unfortunately, unlike many others, her birth was almost completely scientific, the highest level of technology that the Empire had. While her birthing was natural, the insemination process was unnatural; created by the same technology that was allowing Emperor Arvin Gestahl’s armies to amass their power. And because of the purely experimental nature of almost the entire process, the woman who Celes would never know died within minutes of labor, the baby surgically removed as the body that held her could no longer sustain life.

Her early years were spent in solitude, only the finest teachers (all paid for the by the Emperor) teaching her only of the glory of the Empire and how to be a good citizen of which the Emperor would be proud. Her first time with a weapon was on a large scale tax raid on the only towns sharing the same continent as theirs; those towns being Tzen, Miranda and Albrook. When she fought harming those who’d done nothing, but had been unable to pay their taxes, she was taken back to Vector, thrown in prison and flogged until she’d realized the error of her ways.

Eventually, the lesson learned, she never disobeyed orders again.

Her record from that point on was spotless, leading her eventually to the rank of General, one of three directly reporting to Gesthal. She was his right hand in the Vector Province, conducting the raids that she had frowned so angrily on as a child as if they were one of her greatest pleasures. She became known as the Emperor’s Right Hand of Ice, because of the Magitek infusion she’d been given in service to the Empire. Of course, the way she dealt with those she’d been ordered to had everything to do with it, as most considered her heart to have long since frozen away.

One of the few who didn’t consider her heart non-existent was the person who had overseen the Magitek treatments that she’d been given; a man by the name of Cid del Norte Marguez, the head of the Magitek Research and Development Division. Reaching out to the young woman, he taught her to be herself, not allowing duty and orders to get in the way of being human, a notion that she’d thought she long left behind.

Gestahl’s finest warrior, Leo Cristophe, however, was the one who truly saw the potential in Celes. He saw the power in her, and helped her realize exactly what her Magitek infusion had brought about in her. He shocked her when he helped her realize that her power wasn’t in the ice that she’d been injected with. Much like his world-renowned Shock ability, she had something inside of her that was different and special. And those were the days that she began to touch upon the latent energy that few knew existed. And she became the only Runic Knight in the world.

Inadvertently, their decisions to reach out to her began the beginning of her story. Her dignity and strength kept her at her rank, and with the respect that her self-esteem had earned her among her troops as well as the Emperor, she was set for a life of ease… except that same strength allowed her to see the flaws in one of the other Generals; namely a man by the name of Kefka Palazzo. While making sure to stay out of the peering sight of the Emperor, she managed to foil many of his more disturbing plots… until Kefka caught her red-handed destroying the poison he planned to use on Doma.

In seconds, her life of “luxury” had thrown her in shackles. And within a few hours, she was on her way to an occupied South Figaro and on an encounter with fate; or more succinctly, a man named Locke Cole.

When her guards slept after beating her savagely, (causing internal injuries that it would take days of rest to truly recover from) she woke to the sounds of a lock-pick, and a voice whispering to her to stay silent. And a few hours later, she was resting in a house to the north formerly owned by a karate master and his students. Using the supplies in the house, as well as her own magical abilities, they were able to head out in only two days, her injuries healed by his own limited but impressive medical abilities.

She followed him to Narshe, the city of coal far to the north. And thus began her journey… which included fighting against the same Empire she’d served for all her life.

This continued for almost a month before an off-hand comment from Doctor Marguez (who they encountered during an infiltration of the Magitek facility) led to her temporary separation from that same group, and her reuniting with the Empire. The Emperor had seen her true colors however, and now that she no longer had his trust, as well as the insane General Kefka’s worst possible attention, it was only a matter of time until the inevitable would happen.

The inevitable came in the form of the attack launched on Thamasa by General Pallazo at the Emperor’s behest. This attack caused the death of General Leo Cristophe, as well as paving the way to the world of the Espers; the land of supreme magic. And with that land now in the careless hands of Arvin Gestahl and Kefka Palazzo, the world was incredible danger.

The Statues of Balance, the only thing keeping the magic present in the world from flying out of control and destroying the world it sustained, were under their control. The Returners watched in disgust as Gestahl was vaporized by the power of Kefka and the Statues. Seconds later, their disgust turned to horror as Kefka pushed the Statues out of their perfect balance. They escaped from Kefka after Celes had no choice but to push the Statues to trap Kefka, which caused the world to react even more violently as the forces of magic ripped it asunder.

In an unconscious state after the destruction that threw her from the Blackjack airship, Celes dreamt of strange power; of dozens of aqua paths spread out in before her. During this dream, a female voice whispered to her that these were the paths of the Planeswalker… a term she’d never heard of before.

She awoke a year after the fall. Her body was in almost perfect condition after the tender care of Doctor Marguez. While she tried to take care of him in the same way that he’d done for her, she was unable to bring his body back from the state of illness it was in and he died a week after she awoke.

Through a suicide attempt, she began to realize that there may be hope left in the world, when she found a bandana tied to an injured messenger pigeon. And with that, she set out on her course to seek out those she called friends, and to destroy the one who’d destroyed her world.


The Runic Legacy

"I think if you give me a chance to train her, she'll surprise both of us. She has untapped potential and unforeseen ability. She is wild, and if we can tame that even in the smallest portion? We will have a mighty world warrior, renouned as much as her prowess in battle is feared. "
―General Alyssa Beatrix to Queen Brahne Alexandros

After Kefka’s defeat, the Esper Shiva contacted Celes using the last of her apparent power to communicate with her. She explained to her the nature of the Realms, and the nature of those who transverse those Realms; those beings called the Planeswalkers. With the offer that she could leave the Realm that allowed such hypocrisy as the Empire to exist, that which had created and destroyed her, she allowed herself to become a Planeswalker, and was sent to the Ninth Realm.

In order to allow her to fit in, Shiva approached the Ancient, Godric, and requested that he lower her to a young age, with the agreement that one day she would be able to remember the Sixth Realm. When she was prepared, those memories would be unlocked. With the agreement in place, Celes Chere became a child once more.

Meanwhile, Godric had approached the Author of the Ninth Realm, a man named Garland about depositing his creation in the Ninth Realm. Because of Celes' contact with Shiva, she had been exposed to things that would upset the balance of the Sixth Realm in Godric's opinion. Begrudgingly, Garland agreed, allowing Celes entrance into his Realm.

Her "birth" into the Ninth Realm was not without problem. The father and mother she was placed with were pitiless farmers, neither of which were capable or willing to show their daughter any type of love. This caused young Celes to act out against them in such a way that caused them to punish her severely. There was no one outside of the house who truly was able to get close to her, and because of her often ragged appearance she was tormented by the other children in Dali. This physical and emotional abuse continued until her life forever changed at the age of twelve.

Her father, in the guise of trying to help her get along in the world, booked her passage on a cargo ship to Alexandria. She spent a few days in the grand capital city exploring the sights and sounds with the paltry sum of gil that had been given to her. When she returned to Dali at the end of the week however, she was given the rudest surprise she could have received.

Her key not working, and her knocks on the door coming away unanswered, the last communication she had with her parents before she began to journey back to Alexandria was a note saying that she was no longer welcome in the home she'd run away from. The note continued that she wouldn't be allowed any of her paltry possessions until she was willing to fight for them.

Dimensional Legend

"I'm fascinated; to be honest. And since you two don't appear to be fascinated, I am claiming her. No creation should ever be abandoned, even in our metagame. "
―Erasmus to Godric and Garland


"You're a cheese danish, Sir Vego. "
―Celes to Drante Vego

Celes is serious about responsibility and her duty, whether it was to the Empire, to Alexandria, or to Garden. She also takes her responsibility as a Planeswalker very seriously, though she does not answer to any Planar being. Underneath that, she has a very deep love for Destine.


Celes has been involved in nearly every event in the Ninth Realm of the Clouded Horizons series, as well as entering the Eighth Realm during the Vector's Gambit arc. For more information, see the synopsis page.

Combat Information

"I've rededicated myself to making sure none of you leave here alive. "
―Celes to Brotherhood members

Combat Attributes

Overdrives / Limit Breaks


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